Study For The Square, The Circle and The Triangle

Study for The Square, The Circle and The Triangle 40.5 cm x 36 cm Oil on Linen £850

In a world of noise, distractions and constant chaos, the precise continuous lines of the square, the circle and the triangle are strangely soothing. Take a few moments, and let your eyes rest on the frame, the lines, the stillness amidst the movement. I am grateful that with these pictures it feels like you can reach out and touch and feel the raised texture from the oil paint. Terence infused his life-long love of meditation into this piece which is deceptively simple, yet full of contrasts and clean beauty.

This piece sits within his early introduction to ‘Cosmic Art’, lifting the hearts and minds to the nuances of Mathematics, Physics and the Universe with a sense of the Divine, all around us.

Don’t be fooled by its’ smaller size, compared to other members of the Cosmic Art family; this exudes the intense precision and exacting textured brush strokes which made Terence such a gifted, unique Artist.

This is one of my favourites. Beautiful. Well done T.

Which parts of this piece resonate with you the most?

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