The Mystery of Love, Suffering and The Cross

Today is Palm Sunday and we enter into this Holy Week, the last week before celebrating the triumph of Easter, and there are often conflicting feelings of excitement and pain. Excitement at the joyous feeling of the approaching Easter, and the pain of seeing the degrading and horrific death of the One we love so much.

There may also be confusion……….. confusion that Jesus CHOSE to suffer and die such a horrific death out of obedience to his Father, and out of LOVE for us. It is a humbling thought, and one where my comparatively little human understanding attempts to comprehend this profound divine reasoning, and fails miserably.

87. Quest to Reclaiming Faith. 50 cm x 70 cm Oil on Linen £7000

Thankfully, Faith does not require such analysis from me. My faith is about love, and being loved, and receiving His love, for me, for us all. Looking at Jesus nailed to a crucifix, the Cross, speaks volumes to me, as a symbol of His Love for me.

I love this piece. It is complex, and may not immediately appear to the viewer as a cross, or the Cross…. but it is.

It seems to have life. A living piece. The emotion and intrigue and mystery, intricately captured and illuminated by Terence’s skillful and painstaking brushstrokes. It is truly a joy to behold.

I also see pain and suffering, but there is a peaceful presence in the centre. I think perhaps, His peaceful Presence, that lives in our hearts if we choose to invite Him in.

What do you see?

Which parts of this piece resonate with you the most?

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