Rumination On A Black Hole

35. Rumination on a Black Hole 70cm x 70 cm Oil on Linen £4500

I’ve heard it said that there is a danger in dwelling on thoughts too deeply…… rumination…..self-blame…….. and the possibility of opening our very complex human minds to a plethora of anxious thoughts……fertile ground for any psychologist… or movie director.

Yet I find this painting curious, and the title even more so…… I love the alignment between the infinite depth of our thoughts and the infinite abyss of a black hole. Though, I have to say, I could happily stare into this piece for quite some time without any dark thoughts. Rather I feel intrigue….. I see the moments and the minutes, become the days and the routines, and the everyday ‘stuff’ of our lives.

Sometimes it seems to be spinning so fast, like the crazy treadmill of life; other times it seems to be turning ever so slowly, almost still, like the quieter moments and days; then it appears to be giving off warmth, like a steamy energy, almost like a comforting wash of warm water…… my favourite is when it seems to be radiating light.. outwards. I like to think of this as a pure, clean, vibrant blue love-light. I see strength in this, almost masculine.


Which parts of this piece resonate with you the most?

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