Patchwork Study Of Nature Fragments

If you had to capture your top 30 emotions from the key moments of your life journey so far, and then you had to give each emotion a colour, or a blend of colours, and then put them down on paper…..or canvas….. what would it look like?

31. Patchwork Study of Nature Fragments. 40.5 cm x 40.5 cm Oil on Linen £1500

Would you have mostly earth-toned colours? Would you think of water, fire or air? Perhaps you would select bright colours for joyous moments and dark colours for pain and suffering? Or perhaps just a blob of whatever colour comes out… because after all… life is mostly messy right?

I smile in wonder when I look at this piece. I smile because of the vibrant selection of colour and how it makes me feel. I smile at the satisfaction of the simplicity of the perfect lines and compartments. I smile at the deceptive complexity of what’s going in within each of those compartments, hinting at the fact that not everything is always what it seems. A bit like life.

I smile because I saw Terence painting this piece, so I know something that you don’t. The tiny painstaking brush strokes; the emotion of the artist poured into creating a small piece that evokes such big emotion from the viewer; the hours and hours and hours of painting time; the layers and layers and layers of oil paint left to dry before applying more……… so much to smile about.

Look closely and you might see images like a coral reef, deep sea waters, the movement of the blood, planets, a face or two, an amoeba……or a storm brewing….?

Whatever you see……. this piece is guaranteed to make you smile, just as I do.

Which parts of this piece resonate with you the most?

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