Fragments Of A Disordered Mind – a reflection

Here is a reflection written and shared by Josephine Patten-Walsh, who purchased and enjoys the original painting ‘Fragments of a Disordered Mind’ by the artist Terence Fyffe.

I came across the painting ‘Fragments Of A Disordered Mind’ when establishing my Psychotherapy practice and thought the title was very apt as therapy is indeed about making sense of fragments of memory in a disordered mind.

In contrast to the rather insipid but soothing seascapes lining the walls of my therapy room, the bold abstractness of this painting stands out like a glowing jewel, drawing clients into its lively depths to focus on their inner turmoil to make sense of the fragments…..

202. Self-Portrait by the artist

As attractive to me as the painting itself, was the artist’s policy of praying for the purchasers of his paintings. This appealed to me since, of course, I wanted my business to be blessed and to flourish, and what better way to ensure it’s blessing than to bathe the room in the stream of healing graces that would surely emanate from Terry’s prayers. And indeed it is so: I have a very strong sense that everyone finding their way to my counselling room has been handpicked by God and matched with me for the contribution He feels I may be able to make in their soul’s journey…

As for the name of my practice ‘Carmelite Counselling’, that too originates from the spirituality of the artist. The mindfulness element of my Psychotherapy training was consistent with Terry’s background in meditation. I wanted all who entered my counselling room to become imbued with something of the contemplative essence of the Carmelite Spirituality that provided ultimate satisfaction for Terry’s prayer longings when he became a Lay Carmelite.

Prayer like our souls has an eternal quality and so even after his passing from this world to the next, I know that Terry’s prayers continue to nurture Carmelite Counselling.

Thanks be to God.

To see the view shared of the painting at the Carmelite Counselling therapy room click here

Josephine Patten-Walsh, Carmelite Counselling, November 2021

Which parts of this piece resonate with you the most?

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