Blank Tiles II

83. Blank Tiles II. (signed by artist). 35 cm x 40.5 cm Oil on Linen £1500

I’m feeling grateful that I can’t see into the future…………

Knowing what’s ahead or just around the corner

Today is more than enough for me to handle

I’ll trust in the Divine for all the rest

When I think back to decisions I’ve made in my life

Taking steps forward in courageous abandon

If I could have seen ahead

To see what would be required of me

To get to where I wanted and needed to go

Would I have changed my mind

Not making the decision after all

For fear of what I’d have to go through?

Rather I will gladly take the mystery

And use those mysterious insights to

Propel me forward

Catching glimpses of wonderment

Of excitement and joy

Trusting the way ahead

Embracing Today

Today is more than enough for me to handle

Which parts of this piece resonate with you the most?

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