To Forgive In Divine Timing

Humanity must let itself be touched and pervaded by the Spirit given to it by the risen Christ. It is the Spirit who heals the wounds of the heart, pulls down the barriers that separate us from God and divide us from one another, and at the same time, restores the joy of the Father’s love and of fraternal unity. It is important then that we accept the whole message that comes to us from the word of God on this Second Sunday of Easter, which from now on throughout the Church will be called “Divine Mercy Sunday”. Christ has taught us that “man not only receives and experiences the mercy of God, but is also called ‘to practise mercy’ towards others: “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy” (Mt 5:7)

Pope Saint John Paul II, Commentary on Second Sunday of Easter (Year B), People’s Edition, CTS New Daily Missal 2012
192. Sunset over Coober Pedy (signed by artist). 30 cm x 36 cm Oil on Canvas £900

I think we all need forgiveness. The blissful feeling of the heaviness being lifted and the light openness of peace streaming though us. Forgiveness is healing.

Just as we receive forgiveness, we can give forgiveness as a gift. We can forgive others. But why is it sometimes so hard to forgive? It can be, especially when we try to do it all on our own.

The Holy Spirit provides the strength and ability to forgive. After Jesus’ death and resurrection (our celebration of Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday), Jesus appeared to the disciples and ‘breathed’ on them, giving them the gift of the Holy Spirit, and He immediately told them that whatever sins they forgave were forgiven and whatever sins they retained were retained (see John 20:23).

191. Illuminating Sky (signed by artist). 30 cm x 36 cm Oil on Canvas £500

So we, like the disciples, have been given this mandate to forgive, yet it is not always easy. I like how Joyce Meyer puts it,

‘Whenever someone does something to me I need to forgive, I pray, “Holy Spirit, breathe on me and give me the strength to forgive this person’ – I do that because my emotions are screaming inside of me, ‘ You have hurt me and that is not fair!”

Joyce Meyer, Forgiveness and the Holy Spirit, The Everyday Life Bible 2006

I like this painting of Jesus on the Cross. Though his image is a solid reminder of his suffering for us, the image is softened by the beautiful yellow and orange warmth that emanates from Him. It is clear that the artist is gently leading our focus, and drawing us into this yellow and orange light and warmth. To show Jesus’ love for us perhaps? The Holy Spirit? His unconditional forgiveness for us? His Divine Mercy. There is so much love, and comfort and transformation in infinite abundance. I could look at this piece all day.

The illuminating sky, to me, is full of peace, and hope and the lightness we receive and give during forgiveness. It is a beautiful place. A place of peaceful Presence.

Which parts of this piece resonate with you the most?

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The Mystery of Love, Suffering and The Cross

Today is Palm Sunday and we enter into this Holy Week, the last week before celebrating the triumph of Easter, and there are often conflicting feelings of excitement and pain. Excitement at the joyous feeling of the approaching Easter, and the pain of seeing the degrading and horrific death of the One we love so much.

There may also be confusion……….. confusion that Jesus CHOSE to suffer and die such a horrific death out of obedience to his Father, and out of LOVE for us. It is a humbling thought, and one where my comparatively little human understanding attempts to comprehend this profound divine reasoning, and fails miserably.

87. Quest to Reclaiming Faith. 50 cm x 70 cm Oil on Linen £7000

Thankfully, Faith does not require such analysis from me. My faith is about love, and being loved, and receiving His love, for me, for us all. Looking at Jesus nailed to a crucifix, the Cross, speaks volumes to me, as a symbol of His Love for me.

I love this piece. It is complex, and may not immediately appear to the viewer as a cross, or the Cross…. but it is.

It seems to have life. A living piece. The emotion and intrigue and mystery, intricately captured and illuminated by Terence’s skillful and painstaking brushstrokes. It is truly a joy to behold.

I also see pain and suffering, but there is a peaceful presence in the centre. I think perhaps, His peaceful Presence, that lives in our hearts if we choose to invite Him in.

What do you see?

Which parts of this piece resonate with you the most?

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Silent Listening

12. Silent Watching. 35.5 cm x 35.5 cm Oil on Linen £800

Human existence is a journey of faith and as such, moves ahead more in shadows than in full light, and is no stranger to moments of obscurity and also of complete darkness. While we are on this earth, our relationship with God takes place more by listening than by seeing……And so, this is the gift and duty for each one of us during the season of Lent: to listen to Christ, like Mary. To listen to him in his Word, contained in Sacred Scripture. To listen to him in the events of our lives, seeking to decipher in them the messages of Providence. Finally, to listen to him in our brothers and sisters, especially in the lowly and the poor, for whom Jesus himself demands our concrete love.

Pope Benedict XVI, Second Sunday of Lent Commentary, New Daily Missal

Yes, sometimes silence is deafening. Perhaps that is why so many of us avoid it. We fill our lives with noise, comforting background noise. The sound of the television, radio, music, people talking, and the sounds of everyday life. Nothing wrong with that, but sometimes we need more intentional silence in our lives. More balance. More opportunities to ‘unplug’. More time to listen to God.

This piece ‘ Silent watching’ is as much about listening as it is watching. The silence within us, the place where Jesus abides within us, if we let him. The inner place where we can remove our masks and just be.

Which parts of this piece resonate with you the most?

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A 40 Day Journey To The Centre

Among the Troglodytes (signed by artist) 30 cm x 36 cm Oil on Canvas £2000

Ash Wednesday is an opportunity for us to recalibrate ourselves and re-set our internal compass to North…. to God. The 40 day period that follows Ash Wednesday is known as the season of Lent. At the end of which, we have the celebration of Easter.

The idea is to try to remove or reduce those obstacles that distract us from making our daily conversation with God, the most important conversation of the day. The ‘noise’ of life and the plethora of ‘stuff’ that takes up our time, benefit from a deep cleanse, particularly of the ‘stuff’ that does not bring us closer to God. Lent is a time for us to do just that.

“Lent is a journey that involves our whole life, our entire being

Pope Francis in his homily on Ash Wednesday 17 February 2021

I like how the figure in this painting is journeying alone, amidst the giant illusions of our lives, that at times seem insurmountable, but the guiding Light keeps leading and illuminating the path.

Which parts of this piece resonate with you the most?

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Study For The Square, The Circle and The Triangle

Study for The Square, The Circle and The Triangle 40.5 cm x 36 cm Oil on Linen £850

In a world of noise, distractions and constant chaos, the precise continuous lines of the square, the circle and the triangle are strangely soothing. Take a few moments, and let your eyes rest on the frame, the lines, the stillness amidst the movement. I am grateful that with these pictures it feels like you can reach out and touch and feel the raised texture from the oil paint. Terence infused his life-long love of meditation into this piece which is deceptively simple, yet full of contrasts and clean beauty.

This piece sits within his early introduction to ‘Cosmic Art’, lifting the hearts and minds to the nuances of Mathematics, Physics and the Universe with a sense of the Divine, all around us.

Don’t be fooled by its’ smaller size, compared to other members of the Cosmic Art family; this exudes the intense precision and exacting textured brush strokes which made Terence such a gifted, unique Artist.

This is one of my favourites. Beautiful. Well done T.

Which parts of this piece resonate with you the most?

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Vibrational Energy Mandala

30. Vibrational Energy Mandala. 40.5 cm x 40.5 cm Oil on Linen £1200

Can you imagine how the energy in your body looks and feels? Once you imagine how it looks, how would you capture it and interpret it for others to see?

I picture much light and radiance, but not always in colour. Though I like the feeling I get from the colour in this piece. The precise dividing circular lines are soothing, bringing clarity and strength. Yet the feeling of warmth and fire and heat emanates from the core, radiating outwards.

There is so much to see, figures perhaps, faces….. a real trademark detail for Terence, and painstakingly achieved with his tiny brush strokes.

Tell me, how does ‘Vibrational Energy Mandala’ make you feel?

This painting is available to purchase. For more information email

Memories of Light

11. Memories of Light. 40.5 cm x 35.5 cm Oil on Canvas £900

I love Terence’s larger pieces which are so powerful and rather jaw-dropping. However his smaller pieces are equally powerful, though perhaps silently powerful.

Look closely and you can see the intricate brushstrokes and the delicate layers of paint. Sometimes you think you can see a face, or a figure, or a pattern. All intentional by the way. I would often ask Terence, ‘Is that a face emerging from the background?’, and he would simply say, ‘What do you see?’, and smile his all knowing smile.

So, what do you see?

‘Transformation’, May/June 2017

Exhibition 15th May – 9th June 2017 at the historical St Stephen Walbrook, Christopher Wren’s major city church in London after St. Paul’s Cathedral

“Art should inspire the viewer, ideally raise the consciousness and elevate the mind to think of higher things like the beauty and mystery of the natural world, to contemplate the deep questions as to purpose and meaning, like ‘What is the origin of this life? What is Reality? What are we to do? Questions that have no easy answer but require a personal journey of developing awareness”

Terence Michael Fyffe
3. Cosmic Cross. 130cm x 100cm Oil on Linen £8500

Drinking Peace in the Fountain of Nectar

I was reading a prayer written by Rabindranath Tagore called

‘With the Light of the New Sun’:

“Remain in joy at all times in the world fearless and with a heart pure

Awake in joy in the morning, work in joy,

in songs of joy return home in the evening.

Remain in goodness in crisis and affluence,

in disgrace and dishonour remain in joy.

In joy remain by pardoning all,

in drinking peace in the fountain of nectar for ever”

– by Rabindranath Tagore

I remain in joy as I remember my Mr Fyffe today. 2 years have passed yet I remember it like it was yesterday. May you continue to drink peace at the fountain of nectar for ever.


Pentecost – Sunbathing In The Holy Spirit?

Today, as we are still in Covid-19 lockdown in the UK, and the churches are closed, I tuned in to a livestream Mass with a church I used to visit regularly for a time, St Cecelia & St Anselm, Holborn, London. The priest made an interesting comparison between the Feast of Pentecost (today May 31st 2020) and sunbathing in the park (there is currently gloriously hot sunshine today).

55. Descent of the Holy Spirit on Christ’s Mother and the Apostles (Pentecost) (as displayed by the altar of the artist’s Church). 78 cm x 93 cm Oil on Linen £4000

The Holy Spirit is first and foremost a Creator Spirit, hence Pentecost is also a feast of creation. For us Christians, the world is the fruit of an act of love by God who has made all things and in which he rejoices because it is “good”, it is “very good” as the creation narrative tells us (Genesis 1:1-31). Consequently God is not totally Other, unnameable and obscure. God reveals himself, he has a face. God is reason, God is will, God is love, God is beauty. Faith in the Creator Spirit and faith in the Spirit whom the Risen Christ gave to the Apostles and gives to each one of us are therefore inseparably united. The Gospel passage offers us a marvellous image to clarify the connection between Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Father: the Holy Spirit is portrayed as the breath of the Risen Jesus Christ………the breath of God is life. Now, the Lord breathes into our soul the new breath of life, the Holy Spirit, His most intimate essence……

Pope Benedict XVI – taken from the introduction to Pentecost Sunday in the 2012 CTS New Daily Missal People’s Edition p. 401

He explained how the simple act of sunbathing opens us up and relaxes us. The feel of the warmth and sun on your skin is delightful, and you start to feel better, perhaps with a lighter, more relaxed mood and you breathe into it, into that feeling of soothing, relaxation; drinking in the goodness of the sun.

Receiving the Holy Spirit could be described in a similar way, and I’m inclined to agree with the priest. I know how I feel when the sun is upon me. I feel as though it is God’s radiance upon my face, shining His light and His love all over me. We can choose to be open to receive the Holy Spirit and all the wonderful gifts that come with it.

The 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit are :

  1. Wisdom – Lord help me to see life as you wish me to

2. Understanding – help me to understand my life and the world around me

3. Right Judgement – help me to make right decisions

4. Courage – help me to proclaim the wonderful things God has done in my life. The spirit of Courage sets us free from fear…..

5. Knowledge – the more open we are, the more knowledge we can receive

6. Reverence – help me to have huge reverence for my Creator, for God among us in our midst

7. Wonder & Awe – how wonderful you are Lord! How wonderful to be in your Presence in every moment of every day!

We can pray for the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

How can I know that the Holy Spirit is increasing in me? Well, you can look for the Fruits of the Holy Spirit in your life appearing.

The 12 Fruits of the Holy Spirit are:

Charity, Joy, Peace, Patience, Goodness, Kindness, Long-suffering, Mildness, Faith, Modesty, Self-Control, Chastity.

Terence embraced the wonder & awe of our Creator in his everyday existence, especially remarking on the sky, the clouds and the beauty and light he saw in nature all around us. I see that wonder & awe expressed in this very special painting of Pentecost, which meant to so much to so many people who enjoyed seeing the painting in their place of worship every Sunday.